Renee, Royal Oak – The happiest patient ever!!

“I love it here!!”  Renee has been going to her see her doctors and having diagnostic exams for many years due to some serious medical issues.  She used to go to another large facility for her diagnostic exams.

She had a mammogram at the large facility years ago.  Her experience there was horrible.  The mammography technician was rude, uncaring and it was apparent that she did not like her job.  The mammogram showed a problem that needed surgery.  She did not have insurance and that facility turned her away for the surgery.  From the first moment she called Basha to schedule a mammogram everyone was so nice and caring.  The receptionists were friendly and were able to offer her an appointment right away.  The mammography technician was gentle, kind, nice, and listened to her.  Basha’s radiologist had the results from her exams in a snap and the Records Department sent the report to her primary physician right away.She had a different exam at the large facility and she was skeptical that the facility had given the attention needed to her MRI.  She came to Basha for the same exam and Basha’s fellowship trained, board certified, super specialized radiologist saw the diagnosis that the large facility missed.  When she needs more diagnostic exams, she asks to come to Basha!

“The staff is so nice and so understanding!  The equipment is amazing!  I just love it here!”

Oakland County Judge – Thankful for Basha’s wide open MRI!!

An Oakland County judge had a horrible experience in the past with having an MRI at a different facility due to his claustrophobia.  After waiting many years, his family decided that the exam could not be put off any longer.  His wife searched online and found Basha Open MRI and how they accommodate to claustrophobic patients.  The judge made an appointment with Basha Open MRI, but was still nervous.  He came to Basha before this appointment to see the machine and talk about the exam.  On the day of the exam, he completed his MRI with no problems!

His wife was so pleased that she personally delivered a bouquet of “Thank you” cookies to Basha Diagnostics staff.

New Jersey resident comes to Basha

A resident of New Jersey had tried to have her exam completed at 3 different hospitals in New Jersey. Her family physician knew of Basha in Michigan and recommended her to contact us to her with help with her claustrophobia. She was unable to get the attention and understanding that she needed until she came to BASHA. We understood her anxiety and helped her through the exam.