Basha Diagnostics, P.C. announces openings for part-time and experienced individuals to join our team.  Since 1980, Basha Diagnostics, P.C.’s innovative practice of delivering medical diagnostic imaging has revolutionized the way patients and physicians approach medical imaging and results.Guided by high standards for quality service and compassionate care, Basha Diagnostics has evolved medical imaging from a time consuming and costly service to a highly efficient diagnostic resource for physicians and patients.  Today, BASHA centers are staffed by a team of Board Certified super specialists focused on Radiology, Neuroradiology, and Cardiology, as well as certified and experienced technologists at every location.

BASHA centers are equipped with the most advanced technology by industry leaders Siemens, Toshiba, and GE, and are capable of delivering the sharpest images and results.We have the most modern, Wide Open MRI machines by Siemens, excellent for claustrophobic patients and large patients up to 550 pounds.  We also have multiple, high speed, multi-slice CT Scan machines with the capability to produce Low Dose CT Scanning.  Our offices also feature Ultrasound, X-Ray, Nuclear Medicine and Mammography testing in addition to MRI and CT Scan, with free transportation available for qualified patients.

BASHA’s Administration Office is located in Royal Oak, Michigan and we have diagnostic centers in Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, and Dearborn.  For more information, you may visit our website at

We are currently accepting applications for these positions:


    MRI Technician Part-Time:
    Basha Diagnostics is looking for an experienced certified MRI Technologist to join our
    Job Responsibilities
    • Operate equipment for imaging and anything related to various areas of the body
    in order to provide high-quality images and information for patient diagnosis.
    • Address patient concerns during the procedures, and explain the MRI process to
    the patient in a way that is informative but also reassuring.
    • Use tact, courtesy, and poise when dealing with patients, keeping them calm and
    ensuring that they get the best care possible.
    • Communicate effectively with other radiologists and health care professionals to
    ensure the message is getting across appropriately.
    • Troubleshoot peripheral equipment and scanners to ensure that equipment is
    operating properly to avoid downtime or delays that affect patient satisfaction.
    • Ensure patient safety with aseptic injection technique and pre-screening for any
    contra-indications before the procedure.
    • Handle high-stress environments in a calm manner when dealing with patients,
    technicians and physicians.
    • Must be able to work extended hours when necessary.
    • Perform other duties as assigned
    • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information

    Job Qualifications
    • Must be certified
    • Self-motivated and self-directed
    • Ability to travel to different facilities

    Ultrasound Technician Part-Time:
    Basha Diagnostics is looking for an experienced registered Ultrasound Technologist
    to join our team.
    Job Responsibilities
    • Explain ultrasound procedures to patients so they feel comfortable with the
    • Calibrate, maintain and control all ultrasound equipment
    • Take sonogram still images and video for physician and patients
    • Refrain from commenting on your work to patients
    • Arrive to work on time
    • Notify Physicians of any abnormalities or concerns immediately
    • Chart ultrasound results when required
    • Soothe and reassure nervous or anxious patients
    • Work well in a team environment

    Ultrasound Technician skills
    • Experienced and registered as an ultrasound technician
    • Basic understanding of human anatomy and functions
    • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with patients and health care staff

    Front Desk Receptionist:
    We are looking for Front Desk Receptionists at all our locations including Royal Oak,
    Sterling Heights, and Dearborn. We offer competitive pay and flexible work schedules.

    Responsible for handling front office reception, including greeting and checking-in patients,
    answering phones, scheduling patients, verifying insurance, and route calls to specific

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