A History of Delivering Excellence

Since 1980, Basha Diagnostics, P.C’s innovative practice of delivering medical diagnostics imaging has revolutionized the way patients and physicians approach medical imaging and results. Dr. Yahya M. Basha, the founder and President of Basha Diagnostics, combines the caring attitude of a physician with the innovative thinking of a businessman to create diagnostic centers that answer a profound need to provide sophisticated medical testing without a hospital visit and without compromising patient care and comfort Guided by Dr.Basha’s high standards for quality service and compassion, medical imaging evolved from a time consuming and costly service to the highly efficient diagnostics resource of Basha Diagnostics, P.C. Today, BASHA centers are staffed by a team of leading physicians and certified technologists. The centers are equipped with the most advanced technology, capable of monitoring a wide range of health issues. With locations across Southeast Michigan, Basha Diagnostics centers are easily accessed by patients and doctors who recognize BASHA as the reliable provider of the diagnostic tools required for wellness.

The Basha Difference

Founded by a physician for physicians and the patients in their care. Basha Diagnostics understands the importance of providing quality care by experts in the field. As such, BASHA has built a team of highly credentialed interpreting physicians who are American Board Certified in radiology, neuroradiology, cardiology and nuclear medicine, several of whom serve as distinguished members of national medical organizations and state medical boards. Additionally, with medical transcripts available seven days a week utilizing the latest online transmission technology, our physicians are able to produce results quickly and efficiently. This comprehensive team enables BASHA to offer not only the highest quality patient exams, but exceptional reading and interpretive services to physicians and medical offices.