Large Patients

Good news for MRI patients!  Basha Diagnostics now offers 3T MRI, the exciting, revolutionary technology that offers increased comfort for patients of all shapes and sizes.

Due to the system’s 70 centimeter wide open bore and 550-pound table-weight capacity, the MAGNETOM Verio enables us to scan and diagnose larger patients without difficulty, an increasingly important factor as one-in-three Americans is considered obese.

With this new technology, patients no longer have to choose between comfort or clear images.  This revolutionary technology combines comfort with the strength of TIM (Total imaging matrix) technology, allowing for extraordinarily sharper images with exceptional details.

Additionally, the Verio allows flexible coil combinations making patient and coil repositioning virtually unnecessary.  You can now be positioned just once for multiple studies, which is a tremendous benefit for overweight patients who have difficulty with mobility.

The Verio 3T Wide Open MRI and the Espree 1.5T Wide Open MRI allows us to offer patients more comfort without sacrificing image quality.

Basha Open MRI offers MORE.  More open, More power, More speed, More efficiency, More accuracy, and More comfort.