As someone who is extremely claustrophobic I was terrified when my Doctor ordered an MRI that would have me going into the machine head first. I was terrified until I discovered Basha Diagnostics on line via google. From the moment I called to make my appointment to the MRI process the experience was totally positiveI opted for an open MRI with sedation. I was fortunate to have the founder Dr. Basha as my Doctor. He immediately put me at ease with his warm, caring personality. The Basha facility is nothing like the Hospital experience. It is like a Spa as opposed to a prison environment you usually get at a Hospital. When I walked into the MRI room I was immediately put at ease, as instead of just the machine the room is surrounded by plants and decor they immediately put me at ease. Dr. Basha assured me that there was nothing to be afraid of and unlike all the previous MRI’S I have had in the past, where the headphones never work, at Basha the music you choose is piped in while you are getting the MRI. If you want the best experience from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, Basha MRI is the place to go. I am so fortunate that I found Basha Diagnostics on google as I was terrified as to how I was going to get a closed MRI going in head 1st. Also, Dr. Basha’s knowledge and amazing bedside manner will put you at ease immediately. I am so happy I found Basha MRI and highly recommend it for any type of MRI as you will never get this kind of service and compassion at a Hospital or any other facility. My best regards to Dr. Basha and the entire staff at Bash diagnostics for making,what has always been a nightmare, a walk in the park!