Finally! A health care related facility where the staff really cares. They understand and go out of their way to help. Every single person from the receptionists, radiologists, and medical records staff, to Dr. Basha himself. All of them without exception were kind and helpful. You can tell they love what they do and they do a great professional job. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Dr. Basha deserves special credit because these attributes don’t just happen. A great workplace starts from the top. Employees that are not happy cannot provide great care. Work is hard and demanding. Patients are often upset and/or scared. The Basha Diagnostics staff goes far beyond just doing their job. This is so rare it is a wonderful thing to see. I am very lucky to have been able to work with them to get my tests done, timely and at a reasonable price. I cannot thank them enough!

It is easy to be pleasant when all is going well, the true test is when patients are waiting or upset or in a hurry. I had a chance to see how the Basha Diagnostics staff worked when it was late at night. Four people were line, the phone would not stop ringing, and still the receptionists kept their great mood, worked hard and took care of everyone. Basha Diagnostics’ staffs were great even under pressure! Each patient was treated with respect and as an individual the Basha team is a great team! With special credit to the team leader Dr. Basha because great teams don’t happen by accident.

~Elissa (Basha patient testimonial)