I can’t say enough about Basha Diagnostics. My doctor told me I needed a CT and MRI and he called over to Basha Diagnostics late Tuesday afternoon to set up an appointment for me. Due to the circumstances, Basha scheduled me for my appointment first thing Wednesday morning. There is NO way to thank the entire staff, team and doctors at Basha Diagnostics enough for the way they make their patients feel. They are so appreciated and they made a scary, stressful time for me so much easier. From the moment I walked in the door I was treated with such care and compassion. It feels like you are with family and friends in your living room instead of a doctor’s office or a diagnostic clinic. Dr Basha takes the time to talk to patients to find out how they’re feeling. He is one of the most humble, compassionate & caring doctors I have ever met and his staff clearly follows his lead. I will never go to any other diagnostic facility again, because going back to Basha will be going back to visit and spend time with my family.

~Linda (Basha patient testimonial)