Nuclear Medicine

Exam Preparation

Usually, no special preparation is needed for a nuclear medicine examination. However, for Hepatobiliary or Thallium Studies, patients are asked not to eat or drink anything at least six hours prior to the test.

What Should I Wear

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.



What to expect

You are given a radiopharmaceutical, usually intravenously but sometimes orally, that localizes in specific body organ systems. This compound eventually collects in the organ and gives off energy as gamma rays. The gamma camera detects the rays and works with a computer to produce images and measurements of organs and tissues.

Depending on which type of scan is being performed, the imaging will be done either immediately, a few hours later, or even several days after the injection. Imaging time varies, generally ranging from 20 to 45 minutes.

While the images are being obtained, you must remain as still as possible. This is especially true when a series of images are obtained to show how an organ functions over time.

More Info

Nuclear Medicine is a branch of radiology that uses radioactive materials to determine if certain organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver, thyroid, brain and lungs are working properly. It is also used to examine the bones for cancer, infection or trauma.

Locations for this exam

Royal Oak

Royal Oak 30701 Woodward Avenue